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Untitled Game Jam Game - Fall 2017

Christian Graham - Programming

Hannah Lewis - Artwork


W - Move Forward

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

S - Move Right

E - Interact

Right Mouse Button - Shoot

Left Mouse Button - Melee/Reload

The idea for the game spawned from a deconstruction of the first person shooter (fps) genre. The core gameplay loop in fps generally consists of running, shooting, and hitting things. In order to express the versatility of these verbs we attempted to merge these verbs into one another, not just to combine actions into fewer button clicks but to change the way the player approaches situations and make sure the action is creating a momentum that is always pushing forward. To accomplish this objective our game combines the players health with his ammo and the reload function with a melee attack. By creating these two systems we force the player into the “hot zone” (directly in front of the enemies). The player needs to kill the enemies but the more he shoots, the more vulnerable he becomes, and to reload you need to position yourself directly in front of the enemy (in the hot zone).

To further push the idea of versatile verbs we sought to push the player to decide on the fly whether he would approach his current situation through offensive or defensive means. To do this we combined our systems and created a multiplier so the longer you keep the trigger held down, the more ammo (health) you will have when you reload. This forces the player to create high risk situations. Situations where your health is low (because you’ve exhausted your ammo) and you’re near an enemy (because you have to reload before you lose your multiplier). This melee/reload attack also does bonus damage to reward the player for taking this risk.


GameJam2017.zip 619 MB

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