A downloadable "comedy" game for Windows

A first person "comedy" game by Christian Graham.

GMTK Jam Theme: "A walking simulator without being boring."

"Interesting Idea" - Mark Brown, Game Makers Toolkit


BOUNTY:  $20 to the first person who emails me what the yellow button does with proof they've figured it out ;)

BOUNTY CLAIMED! Congratulations to Robert Poulin for figuring it out!

If we pass 100 ratings on the GMTK Jam page I'll release another SECRET bounty!


I'd appreciate any and all feedback: gg@auburn.edu

My portfolio: ChristianGraham.org -- Always on the lookout for an internship in the games industry ;)

Install instructions

Extract all the files into a folder and run the .exe


TheGunTheGuyTheMissionAndTheSpy.rar 452 MB

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